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1993-1998 Montserrat College of Art


Grants & Awards 

1994 - Inaugural recipient of the James Sawyer award


2013, March- "Against the Slave lords"- Published by Wizards of the Coast

Raymond Roberge
is from the snowy north. He graduated with a BFA in illustration/ fine arts from Montserrat College of art (also located in the snowy north)
His illustration work dips into traditional painting- (oils, acrylics, inks, watercolor) and digital media; with subjects ranging from editorial/ still-life to sci-fi, fantasy and, horror themes.
His tattoo work has grown over the years, but he has found the style he prefers is one with a  neo-traditional bent. Subject matter varies greatly dependent on the client, though his work leans heavily toward bold bright colors, deep blacks and features fantastic creatures and subjects. Symbols (such as Alchemical symbols) make their way into many pieces.
As both creator and head writer of Worlds of Ether (W.o.E)- larping system (1st and 2nd Edition), and Falling Iron- a tabletop storytelling and adventuring system featuring a original setting and ruleset (to be published 2017 TBA) Raymond has kept himself busy for years. Creating worlds and stories since he was a child, he continues to create and look for new ways to innovate in the roleplaying genre.
Future plans include 3rd edition Worlds of Ether: Iron Age (a Falling Iron, W.o.E. crossover) as well as a hard sci-fi, tabletop game titled "Rule Britannia" focusing on deep space exploration, interstellar travel, derelict wrecks, colonization, politics and adventure.


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